Saturday, September 1, 2012

Multi Commander v2.7.1 [BETA] Build 1178

A new beta of Multi Commander is now out.

The focus for this release is to fix bug and stability issues.

Major change since build 1171 is
  • Can now unpack 7Zip archives that require password
  • New Language - Spanish - Created by Mauro72
  • MultiCommander now again works on Windows XP that is not running SP3 
  • Fixed crash that happen when adding separation to a user menu
  • Auto run user command at startup.
  • Added experimental support for UTF8 and custom codepages for Zip archives.
  • And more
Change Log

Experimental Codepage and UTF8 support for Zip.

According to the zip specification filename MUST encoded using codepage 437.
And codepage 437 not support special character used in none english languages.

But there is a extended zip support that allows filename to be stored in UTF8. But not all zip program support this and many program ignore the specification and uses a different codepage when storing the filename. However the zip archive does not contain a record of what codepage was used.
Multi Commander already support unpacking Zip archive with the UTF8 attribute set but it does not create UTF8 names. but now it can.

So with this release you can force it to use a different codepage when packing/unpacking zips. And you can also enable UTF8 for when creating zip archives.
But since this features still is experimental there is no UI to change this. But there are command line commands.

Type the following in the Multi Commander command line field

":zipcp <codepage num>" to set what codepage you want to use.
use -1 to make it use the current system codepage and 0 to disable it.

":ziputf8 1" to enable  and ":ziputf8 0" to disable the UTF8 support when creating zip archives with Multi Commander.

How To Get Beta
To test this you need to download or update Multi Commander to at least build 1178

But be aware that this is a Beta version and contains unfinished, untested functions that can be buggy

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