Sunday, October 30, 2011

[Beta] Multi Commander v1.2.1 Build 863

This beta does not contain many new change since last beta version.
Most of the development time is spent on the next major version but a couple of fixes has been included.

And there is at least one new minor feature.

Quick Copy
Quick Copy (Shift+F5) Does now work. It will create a copy of the file/folder in focus in the same place with ".bak" added to the end. And only the file/folder that are in focus is copied. even if you got many files selected only the item in focus is copied.

Some of the changes in this beta are...
  • Added Quick Copy (Shift+F5), Creates a copy of the file in focus in the same place.
  • Added MultiScript functions to get date and time.
  • Embedded MultiScript code in a custom command now works again.
  • Various MultiLanguage text problems fixed.
  • Replacing a file inside zip archive, Sometimes the existing file did not get removed first.
  • Deleting FTP Bookmarks sometimes failed.
  • Hiding menubar, Then some context menu stopped working.
How To Get Beta
To test this you need to download or update Multi Commander to at least build 863

But be aware that unstable version contain unfinished, untested functions and can be buggy

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