Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Feature - Color Based On Name

It is now possible to customize the color that a files or folders should be shown with, Based on the name of the file or folder.


The example above does not have the best chosen colors. But in the example about you see that all files matching *003* is shown with a blue background and a purple text color. All *.txt file is shown with green text color and all *.mov files is shown with some red colors.

To configure this colors go to "Menu->Configuration->Explorer Panel Settings..." and choose the "Colors" tab.

There you can configure up to 4 colors that will override the default color settings.

You first have to enable this by checking the "Color file/folder based on file/folder name" checkbox.

Then you can configure the colors you want to use. And what it should match against.
To match against multiple filters you separate them with space.

To be able to select a background color the settings "Use file specified background colors " and/or "Use folder specified background colors" most be enabled. (They are located higher up in the settings page)

If you do not want to configure all 4 of the profiles, Then leave the "Match : " field empty. Then that color profile will be ignored.

How to test this

To test this you need to download or update Multi Commander to at least build 773

But be aware that unstable version contain unfinished functions and can be buggy.

Questions and Feedback

If you got any questions or issue with this new beta feature please use the Beta Release Forum

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