Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Feature - Folder Tree

Many of you have been asking me about including something like a folder tree.

I actually been working on it for a while now and it is now ready to be included into the beta version of Multi Commander.

Pressing the FolderTree button the folder tree will be shown or hidden.
You can also press the hotkey Alt+Num* to show and hide it.
And to toggle the input focus from the folder tree and the normal file list you can press Alt+Num /

(Note that the hotkeys might change before final release. )

You can navigate the folder three with the arrows key. Expanding/collapsing folders using the left and right arrow keys. Pressing return an a folder and you will show that folder in the list view and focus will be change to the list view.

The folder tree still contains some bugs so please report any issue you find with it.

To test this you need to download or update Multi Commander to at least build 740
( How to download beta version )

But be aware that unstable versions contain unfinished and buggy functionality.

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