Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Feature - Administrator Mode

This is a feature that for a long time many people have ask for.

You can now do the most common tasks that require administrator permission from within Multi Commander that is run as a standard user.

You will be presented with a UAC dialog when Multi Commander is starting the administrator helper program. After this you will not see the UAC dialog anymore while the admin helper program is running. So you can do multiple operations that require administrator permissions and only get one UAC dialog.

If you do not do any administrator task for 10 minutes the administrator helper program will automatically close. If you after that need to do more administrator tasks you will get the UAC dialog once more.

When Administrator mode is active you will see this red notification in the status bar. You can right click on it to get the context menu and then select close to manually close the admin helper process.

Administrator tasks that are supported using the admin helper program is
Delete/Rename files, Create/Delete/Rename Directories, Create/Delete/Change Registry, Change file/folder permissions, Take ownership of files and folders and Search for opened files.

If you do not want this feature enabled it is possible to disable it under the core configuration.
There you can also change if you want Multi Commander to automatically launch the admin process without asking first.

To test this now, You can update to the latest unstable beta version (At least build 666).
You can enable the update to unstable beta version in the core configuration of Multi Commander.
But be aware unstable versions can contain unfinished and buggy functions.